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We will help you keep all of your income and expense records in order to help keep your tax liability low when it comes to filing time. Profit/Loss sheet will also be given at end of calendar year to give you ease during the filing process.









Business Taxes

Business Tax Returns including preparation and e-filing of any self employed individuals as well as business/corporate state and federal forms and distribution of K-1 forms to include on your personal tax return. Business Bookkeeping must be in order or there will be a surcharge to get bookkeeping in order to move forward with filing the companies tax forms. Includes filing forms 1065, 1120S, Sch-E, and Sch-C (if self employed)

Personal Taxes

Our Personal Tax Return includes preparation and e-filing of both your State and Federal Tax Income. Includes your W2's and all other personal tax forms to be filed on the 1040 tax return. We will review and enter in all of your information as well as making sure you are getting all the tax credits and/or deductions you qualify for as well as making sure you are staying compliant with the agencies. If you have qualifying dependents, dependent information will also be included for additional tax credits.     

What's the Process?

  • Step 1 - Register for a TaxDome Account

  • Step 2 - Complete the requested information for a free tax quote - Engagement Letter, and Tax Organizer

  • Step 3 - Upload your documents via any device - Computer, Phone, Tablet

  • Step 4 - Tax Return is completed by professionals and a meeting is scheduled for final review

  • Step 5 - Tax return is filed and COMPLETED!


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Personal Tax Returns

$ 150

  • Preparation and e-Filing of all Personal Tax Forms

  • Secure Client Portal

  • All Dependents Included

    Access and Upload Important Documents

  • Ability to e-Sign your Tax Return

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Business Tax Returns

$ 300

  • Self Employed & Corporate Tax Returns

  • Secure Client Portal

  • Distribution of K-1’s

  • Includes forms 1120S, 1065, Sch-E, & Sch-C

  • Access and Upload Important Documents

  • Ability to e-Sign your Tax Return

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$ 250

  • Onlineline & Virtual Bookkeeping

  • Keep Records Of All Income & Expenses

  • Quarterly Reports

  • Year-End Profit-Loss Statement

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